1. Make a crazy Dubsmash of your choice Alone or group up with your friends…

2. The length of your entry should be more than 8 seconds and less than 30 seconds…

3. No political/sexual harassment or profanity content.

4. Hit “Going” on this event for registration…

5. Send your Dub Video Along with Name, Contact No, E-Mail id to

6. All the entries will be uploaded to our youtube channel by 15th February, 12.00PM & will share you the official link to your E-mail.

7. Get Likes/Shares on your entries uploaded by us in our youtube channel& people who get AUTO likes are deleted at any time. Please be genuine and avoid the risk of being suspended.)

8. Winner will be selected as per 60% weight age to TheMafia Rulz team evaluation + 40% Likes & Shares…

9. Only one Winner will be selected as per rules.

10. Mafia Rulz team decision will be final and no one has the right to challenge it.

11. Mafia Rulz team has the authority to change any rule as per the circumstances.

12. That’s all to it.. Have fun…

Winner Cash Prize: 3000-/INR


Judging criteria:

1) Synchronization with voice

2) Coherence of Expressions

3) Following up the rules

4) Overall presentation