Event Hosting

We are breaking the ground for traditional events where innovation meets experience.

We are the creative agency that picks up the creative people i.e. the talented photographers of the city through our online photography contest events. We identify the talents and reward them for their creativity in the work. Mafia Rulz creates a platform for the amateur photographers to showcase their talents on a global platform.


Mafia Rulz specializes in organizing entertainment events especially dance contest events across many parts of the city. Our event planners focus on listening all your requirements and transform your idea into the real world. We offer a gala platform to the singing and dancing artist to portray their performances infront of the audiences.We offer sheer amount of professionalism to our clients that leads to positive customer feedback.


We provide end to end holistic solutions of event management in terms of short film contest with unmatched strength and quality. Our experienced media event planners are dedicated to provide you with customised solution so that your event possess a unique concept. Our success revolves around conceptualization to production while ensuring the success of the event.


We deal with the young talents that are brimming with ideas and talents. We are known for professional rap competition event management agency as we empower thousands of live experiences. At Mafia Rulz, our professionals will analyse and manage your rap competition events from anywhere. We access the check-in data, real time sales, promotion of your event while making it a memorable experience for the guests as well as to the contestants.

Rap Competition

We at Mafia Rulz are pioneer in organizing dubsmash event in most of the colleges and other media partners who are keen in successful completion of the event. Through Dubsmash event, we encourage talented, creative youth to post their creative and dramatic Dubsmash video. In short, we are providing a platform or opportunity for the youths while trotting out their innovative ideas and win exciting prizes.


Through Short film competition, we at Mafia Rulz are profoundly searching for real talented artists that have the potential to act, or write scripts. It is the true way to find the potential talent within you. The competition led by Mafia Rulz is for the film makers and creative video makers who are not getting the platform to showcase their talent.

Short film